About Us - American Water Leak Detection Repairing Company in Arkansas

  • Trenchless Leak Detection started locally as an alternative to local water distributors waiting for water leaks to surface. TLD quickly realized the customers on the other end of the meter were affected by water loss in a greater way. Simply put, the end consumer pays the most. TLD has spent years building relationships with local water authorities, businesses, property management companies, insurance companies & home owners in efforts to reduce millions of gallons of water loss within our local communities.
  • Proudly Veteran owned and operated.
  • Premier Plumbing Leak Detection Specialist of Western AR and Eastern OK.
  • Provide professional leak detection services for over 400 plumbing companies, 100 swimming pool companies, 80 irrigation companies, & 120 municipalities/ water providers.
  • Locate your leak very quickly. We locate most leaks within 48 hours of the call.
  • We provide flat rate rate pricing, in your area, over the phone.
  • We use many types of technology to pinpoint leaks in a completely noninvasive way.
  • Will mark your leak to its exact location. Guaranteed.
  • Customer service is our top priority. Member Better Business Bureau. TLD strives to ensure every customer is completely satisfied.

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