18 Effective Tips To Save Water In Daily Life

It is an old axiom “conserve water, conserve life.” Generally, people never give much attention while using water abundantly through it the basis of our life. Water is needed every facet of our lives. We just cannot think a day without water. In one word, one can define water as life. We all know that 70% of the earth is covered with water and only 1% is accessible to us. There are various places where scarcity of water is a regular matter. It is our responsibility to save water for the next generation. One needs to save and use water in an efficient manner for our own benefits.

We can save gallons of water by making a few changes in our daily practice or habits. Try to reduce wastage of water and reducing of it will also reduce your electricity bill.

If we want then we all can take necessary steps or adopt some easy ways and implement to conserve water for the future.

Let’s have a quick look at 18 effective tips to save water in daily life:

In the kitchen:

  1. Washing dishes by hands: Do not ever leave the tap open while rinsing the dishes. Fill the sink with water or you can also use a large bucket for rinsing the dishes to save water.
  2. Use Defrost option of the refrigerator: Before cooking frozen foods or vegetables, instead of soaking it in the water you can also use defrost option of your refrigerator. In this way too you can save water but you need to plan it before as it (defrosting) will take some time.
  3. Wash fruits and vegetables in the pan: Filling up a pan while cleaning fruits and vegetables. You can reuse it by watering the plant.
  4. Washing dishes by machine: Load your dishwasher to the full capacity to reduce the water wastage.
  5. Re-use of RO waste water: If you are using RO-water purifier 3 liters of water just go waste for every 1 liter of water. Reuse the wastewater and use it again.


In the bathroom:

  1. Turn your tap off: Do not let the tap open while shaving or cleaning your teeth to save water.
  2. Fix all leaks: Check that whether any leaks are there in the bathroom or not. Repair the leaks whenever find it.
  3. Never leave the tap running: Do not leave the tap open while washing your face or hands.
  4. Take minimum time to take bath: Try to reduce the time of taking bath and save gallons of water.
  5. Add aerator: Faucet aerator is an effective way to save 80% of water as compared to taps without the aerator. If you install aerator the flow of the water goes slow and conserve water to a level.
  6. Dual flush: Install a dual flush toilet instead of the old flush as it allows you to utilize proper amount of water. Dual flash system enables you to use less water to flush fluid and more water to flush solid waste.

In the outdoor:

  1. Use modern tactics to water your garden: Nowadays, new instruments have come to keep your garden healthy and greenery. As a result, you need not to think about water wastage problem at all.
  2. Prevent overflow with smart ways: You can install a float valve, water tank overflow alarm, automatic water level controller to reduce water wastage.
  3. You can have a water meter: It helps to measure the amount of water you are using. You need to use water according to the specific need.
  4. Never use the pipe to wash Varanda or backyard: If you need to clean backyard or veranda use bucket of water but not pipe as the wastage of water gets high in this way.
  5. Use a bucket of water to clean the car: While cleaning up your car never use running water pipe but a bucket of water.

In the process of washing clothes:

  1. Never keep an empty washing machine in running mode: Never run your washing machine for one or two clothes. Always use the machine with full load of clothes.
  2. Bring a new washing machine: Old-style top loading washing machines use more than 150 liters of water per wash. Bring a new modern front-loading washing machine to save water as it uses less water to wash your clothes.

So, now you have a clear idea about how and in which way you can save gallons of water in daily life.

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