2 Water Leaks in Commercial Buildings that Require Expensive Repairs

In commercial facilities, usually a lot of water is used over a day, either due to numerous people using kitchen or bathroom facilities or through the business processes running in the facility. If the plumbing system has water leaks, it can not only shoot up the facility’s monthly water bills but also waste a huge amount of water.

There are certain commercial building water leaks that may result in costly repairs. If water leaks are identified and fixed without delay by an American water leak detection company, less amount of water would be wasted and the repairs would be less expensive.

Below are two common commercial plumbing leaks that might lead to expensive repairs:

  1. Toilet Leaks

As toilets are used quite often in commercial facilities, it’s important to keep them in good condition and repair leaks immediately.


Common cause of a leaking toilet is a tank ball or flapper not sealing correctly or a defective ballcock or fill valve. In case the flapper does not seal correctly, there are chances of water leaking from toilet drain. A fill valve not shutting off on refill of toilet tank would keep sending water to the tank that will be wasted. These parts should be replaced soon.


  1. Faucet Leaks

Faucet leaks are usually caused by damaged or worn components like a seat assembly or sealing washer. Usually, a watertight seal is created with rubber washers to prevent any leaks. In case the washers are not sized correctly or they wear out, the seal would fail, thereby leading to a leak. It’s inexpensive to replace these washers. They should be replaced early as the wear may increase over time, requiring the whole faucet fixture to be replaced.


If you think your commercial facility may have a water leak, consult a trusted American Water Leak Detection company in Arkansas to get it identified and repaired fast.



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