3 Common Plumbing Issues Faced by Older Homes

Homes that are over 50 years or older may face a lot of problems including plumbing problems. Here we have discussed a few common plumbing issues that occur in old homes.

  1. Galvanized Pipes

A home built in 1967 is charming, has spaciousness, and has 20th-century technology, even in the pipes. Galvanized pipes, common in old homes, are a constant cause of plumbing problems after around half a century. The water at your home may seem discolored. The pipelines may get corroded, leading to pressure drops.


The galvanic process involves putting a coat of molten zinc on an iron pipe to safeguard the iron from corrosion. With erosion of the zinc, the exposed iron starts rusting. This may lead to failure of pipes, however, there is a clear warning signal – the water becomes discolored because of rust in it.


As a solution, galvanized pipes should be replaced professionally with modern alternatives, like Cross-Linked Polyethylene or copper.


  1. Polybutylene Pipe

Polybutylene pipe (PB) was once considered to be a good water pipeline product. It was employed from the late 1970s to early 1990s due to its easy installation and low cost. However, this pipe breaks down with water exposure and on exposure to the solids dissolved in water, and so, it’s not used anymore. With the passage of time, polybutylene pipes cause more and more problems.


In case your entire home has PB pipes, hire a professional local plumber for replacing every run, every connection to the fixtures, all elbow and tee throughout your home. Otherwise, a water leak may damage flooring, furnishings, furniture and more.


  1. Sewer Lines

Sewer lines and sewers are a common source of plumbing issues in older homes. The black and gray water of your home is taken by sewer lines to sewer main, and then the water goes to municipal treatment plan. As sewer lines are wet, they attract the roots of trees. Cast iron pipelines are especially vulnerable to intrusion and cracking caused by tree roots. This can lead to complete clogging of a line.


Call a professional plumber that can put a camera in the sewer pipe of your home to identify bellies and channeling, and find and fix the tree roots clogging the pipe.


These are some of the several plumbing issues encountered by old home owners. If you suspect water leaks in your old home, hire a water leak detection repairing company in Arkansas to identify and fix the issue accurately and quickly.

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