3 Plumbing Problems in Old Homes from Multiple Owners

An old house that is almost 50 or 60 years old is likely to have had three to four owners prior to its coming to you. Several homeowners think themselves to be handy with a brazing torch and basin wrench; however, they don’t become plumbers with that. Even some homeowners that are not handy with plumbing tools still attempt to do home repairs. So, when you buy an old home, there are chances for you to get loads of questionable plumbing repair work.

Below are some common plumbing problems old homes may face due to multiple owners:

  1. Amateur Repairs

Home improvement stores sell DIY kits that offer amateur, temporary repairs for showers, toilets, and sinks. There is an easy way to identify such low-quality repair work – flexible plastic pipeline (having an accordion’s look) that allowed the owner of the home not to be concerned about the pipe length. Such cheap repair will not have much longevity. Consider availing professional services involving a proper and rigid pipe, and an extra shut-off valve.


  1. Mix-and-Match Repairs

This is another type of amateur fix. In this, some portion of a copper pipeline may have been substituted with a plastic pipeline, forming a joint between unlike materials. Such joints may become trouble spots, since unlike diameters and ridges from the interior threads may catch soap scum and hair, resulting in clogging. Professional plumbers usually substitute with the same material, so that the pipes are all PEX or all copper.


  1. Odd Repair Materials

Some homeowners with no money or skills may use odd chemical patches, adhesives, glues, hose clamps, and duct tape for repairing pipelines in old homes. Such repairing materials are neither safe nor code-compliant. The water is under pressure constantly, or it won’t come out of the spigots. Depending on a hose clamp and a rubber piece for preventing leak in corroded pipes is not smart, as a water leak may result in damage far more than the cost incurred for hiring a plumber for replacing the corroded pipe.

Buying an old home that has had multiple owners may come with these plumbing issues. However, an experienced plumber can fix all plumbing problems efficiently. If you think your home might have water leak issues, consider hiring a company specializing in residential, commercial or municipal water leak detection services in Arkansas for identifying the leaks immediately.

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