3 Top Digital Plumbing Tools & Methods For Water Leak Detection


Water leaks are extremely expensive affairs. Leaks in pipelines that supply water to your home or commercial establishments mean wastage of this precious element. Also, you will have to pay more for the water that you are not using but getting wasted on the way. On the other hand, leaked water that reaches the foundation of properties wreak havoc with the property’s strength.


It becomes absolutely crucial to detect the leaking water spot and put a stop to it at the earliest. Technology is at its best and plumbers can make use of it to give you the best results with digital water leak detection tools.


Video Inspection tool


Much like the scopes that enter the intestines of humans to capture the true view of inner lining and cells of the gut, there are tools that detect water leaks. These come with a tiny video camera that is mounted at one end of a long and flexible cable. These cables can be inserted into the plumbing lines for long lengths so that the camera can capture the exact location of the leak.


These video inspection tools are most helpful for pipelines that are passing through clear areas and have the telltale signs of leak. If there are wet patches along places through which a pipeline is passing, it is obvious that there is a leak. Instead of digging up the entire area, inserting the video inspection tool can pin-point the place non-invasively.


Listening Disc tool


The audio tool is among the most popularly used equipment used by plumbers for trenchless leak detection. It basically consists of an amplifier and headphone set that are connected. Placing too on any surface where there is a suspected leak brings the amplified sound of water leak back to the headphones.


Moving the tool through the area gives the plumbers more accuracy concerning the leak point. Deck plates help the plumbers move over concrete blocks and listen for leaks in the pipes below.


Ultrasonic Water Leak Detection


The ultrasound leak detection tool is used to detect the pressure gradient of the flowing liquid, that is, water. As the water moves from the high pressure area to the low pressure side, the point where it takes place gets pointed out. The place of the leak has the loudest sound. This makes detecting the precise place of the leak easy without having to dig the length and breadth of the line.


Sewerage leak detection


Getting to the leak points of sewerage lines is among the most difficult and also most important to stop immediate contamination of surrounding pipelines. Depending on the place and the topography, a combination of methods may be used to detect leaks in this line.


Whatever tool is being used should be done exclusively by the experts with sufficient training and experience in the industry. This will ensure that these are used to their optimal level requiring minimal invasion of the surface.

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