Leak Detection for Water Purveyors

4 Common Signs of an Irrigation System Water Leak

Most of the plumbing system at your home is safely placed under the foundation of your home and within walls. However, it’s different with the irrigation system as it’s usually exposed outside and suffers weather conditions and external forces. This makes your irrigation system vulnerable to leaks and breaks that can be caused by several factors like a valve getting knocked by a lawnmower, high winds and more.

Irrigation system leak is an expensive trouble. If you suspect a leak, get it detected and repaired immediately. Here are some signs of an irrigation system water leak:

  1. Dry or Dying Lawn

If you come across dying or dry parts in your lawn, this may be a sign of the parts not receiving adequate water that they require to flourish. This may be caused by leaks.

  1. Higher Water Bill

If your water bills are higher than before but you are not using more water, this may be an indication of a leak outside.

  1. Wet Spots

If your lawn’s certain areas are wet and soggy always, check out for leaks. In general, irrigation systems distribute only the amount of water that helps in plant growth. Excess moisture may indicate a leak.

  1. Physical Damage

Is the valve broken? Has the pipe burst? If your sprinkler shoots up water as a fountain, it indicates a problem. If you find your control valves to be dripping continuously, this may also indicate a leak issue.


If not fixed immediately, an irrigation system leak can cost you a lot of money. If you think there might be a leak in your irrigation system, get in touch with a trusted American water leak detection company in Arkansas to get the leak identified accurately.


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