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4 Scary Problems About Your Leaking Pool

Do you have a swimming pool? Are you in need of a swimming pool leak detection service in Arkansas? If yes, then please do continue reading.

It is not unusual to lose some water from your pool by evaporation. Even the backwashing process to flush the contaminants out of the pool can drain some water away. However, if you have to add more than 2 inches of water back at your pool every week, then it is a sign of a leaking pool that requires immediate repairing.

A leaking pool that is left untreated can lead to increased repairing costs over time. In addition that, it can also ruin your entire pool deck including the landscaping surrounding it. Here are the 4 most common ways your leaking pool can affect your overall pool system and they are.

1. Skimmer and Motor

The water line of your swimming pool needs to be maintained two third inches below the top of the skimmer. The primary function of the skimmer is to keep the debris away from the motor pump and flow the water inside it to keep it cool and function efficiently.

However, due to seeping water, if the water line drops below the specified two third inches then the skimmer will start circulating air inside the motor instead of water. Since air cannot cool the motor pump, it will slowly lose its efficiency and shut down.

2. Chemical Balance

It is important to maintain a necessary balance between the acidic and alkaline content in your pool for hygienic purposes. In order to keep the pool water free of germs chlorine and stabilizers are added to the pool along with alkaline solutions to protect your skin.

A persistent leak will ruin the chemical balance of your pool because all the chlorine will ooze out of the pool alongside the water. This will make the water in the pool unhygienic and the leaked chlorinated solution will saturate the ground and kill the plants used for landscaping.

3. Structural Damage

The swimming pool that does not have enough water to balance the pressure of the wet ground can start floating. This causes the water to bend inwards.

This is more common in a fiberglass pool where the leak begins during the installation process and slowly continues to damage the entire pool system. Any crack should be inspected and repaired immediately to prevent further structural damages.

4. Plumbing Lines

Every pool has an underground drainage system that keeps the suction line of water intact. A leaking pool will make it difficult for that system to maintain the necessary line of water and the water in the pool will not be cleaned efficiently.

Chances are that the grounds will become slippery and the deck over flooded with water. This can increase the risk of accidental drowning. Therefore, the leak needs to be inspected and repaired immediately.

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