4 Ways you can Detect Hidden Water Leaks in your Home

Water leaks are expensive problems, leading to wastage of both water and money. Identifying a water leak early can help you prevent water damage and save money.

Not all water leaks are visible easily. Here are some ways you can identify the hidden water leaks in your home:

  1. Check the Water Meter

An effective way of finding out whether there is a water leak in any area of your plumbing system is checking the water meter. For doing this, turn off all water of your home. Ensure that your washing machine and dishwasher are not running and turn off all your faucets.

Then, observe your meter and note if it starts to change. If the meter changes, there is a likelihood of a fast-moving water leak. In case your meter does not show any immediate change, wait for about two hours and then check it again. In case you find any change in it in spite of all water being turned off, a slower leak may be the case. The leak may exist anywhere after your water meter. It may even be underground. Keep in mind that all the piping after your water meter is your responsibility, as the homeowner.


  1. Observe your Water Usage

The Environmental Protection Agency of U.S. recommends that you should check your water usage during winter to find whether there is any leak in your home. In case a family with four members uses over 12,000 gallons water every month, the plumbing system is likely to have a major water leak problem.


  1. Monitor your Water Bill

If you find your water bill to be increasing consistently despite your water consumption habits being the same, you might have a leak. See the bills of the previous few months and do a comparison to find out if a steady increase is there. Your water bill amount should stay in the same range every month.


Note that some pipelines might be under ground. Even if you are unable to identify water leaks in these underground pipelines, you will always bear the costs. So, consider hiring a Residential Water Leak Detection Specialist in Arkansas to thoroughly check all the pipes. The sound of running water or a warm spot on flooring should be given immediate professional attention.


  1. Use Some Food Coloring

Toilets account for about 30% of your total water use. So, ensure that they are working well. To find whether there are any leaks, put some drops of food color in the toilet tank and then, wait for 10 minutes. If you find the color showing up in the toilet bowl, then a leak is there that allows water flow from the toilet tank to the drain, without flushing the bowl.

Besides applying these ways, check under basins and at the back of cabinetry at regular intervals for foul smells or mold, as they may indicate a water leak. Address these issues promptly to save thousands in repairs. Consider hiring a Residential Water Leak Detection Specialist in Arkansas to inspect your home annually for any water leaks or plumbing problems.

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