5 Amazing plumbing device for water leak detection

5 Amazing plumbing device for water leak detection used by Trenchless Leak Detection

Water leakage is a common issue that can be anywhere on a property – behind walls, under the ground, on the roof or within the pipes that you can or cannot see. This includes drains, showers, sinks, toilets and bathtubs of the house, office or commercial property.

Most property-owners ignore the small leaks that do not appear a threat. But these small leaks can lead to property damage in form of decay, flooding or rotting.

When property-owners take the issue in their hands, it can be hectic and time-consuming for them, for hassle free services hire TLD’s experts and some leakages need the expert’s involvement to save it from becoming a mess. Water leak detection services of Arkansas (TLD) is an expert in water leak detection and makes use of the best plumbing devices and the latest technologies.

Here is a list of the top 5 plumbing devices that Trenchless Leak Detection uses to pin point the source of the leak quickly:

  • Correlux C3-HL

The device makes leak noise audible to human ears. Users can press a button and it interchanges the low – frequency noise of the leak into an audible frequency range. The device helps analyze the potential leak noises quickly. You can expand its functionality with additional MS-3 digital multi-sensors or PT-3 power transmitters.  It also minimizes the operational cost of the device. It can function for 16 hours at a stretch.


  • HL 50 BT

This instrument needs only the thumb to operate its two buttons. The device offers Bluetooth headphone and integrated sensor without any extra attachment. It is ideal for listening to hydrants, fittings and valve spindles leaks in buildings. TLD uses three external microphones with this device for flexible professional use.


  • Hydrolux HL 7000

The device works with tracer gas, sensor rod and ground microphone. It consists of a GPS and Bluetooth that eliminates wires. Its lithium-ion rechargeable batteries make it ready to use. It can successfully analyze the frequency of the leak noise.

  • C3 Series

C3 series is an innovation that helps plumbers to locate the exact source of the leak.

This device is easy to use because of its features that include:

  • Touch Display
  • Perfect for plastic pipelines and pipes
  • Online and Offline Correlation
  • Ground Microphone or Multi-Sensors can pinpoint the location of the Leak perfectly
  • Multi-correlation without pipe parameter input
  • Inductive Sensor Charging
  • Long Operating Time
  • Sebalog Corr

Sebalog Corr is a gift of the modern technology that makes the leak detection swift and easier. TLD aggressively uses this device during leak detection procedure.

Its special features include:

  • Pinpoints the leak location easily
  • You can analyze the collected data via laptop
  • Real-time measurements
  • Can Correlate up to 8 sensors simultaneously
  • GPS Receiver
  • Sensors are programmed differently for day and night measurement


Trenchless Leak Detection (TLD) is a leading water leak detection service provider from Arkansas that makes use of various latest devices to detect leaks. The company provides their services at a very competitive price without compromising with their service quality. Their motto is customer satisfaction. Their team of experts can detect leaks within 48 hours of your call. Their tailored solutions are perfect for industrial, residential and commercial consumers. Call today at (479) 651-6022 to book an appointment with us for any leakage issues.

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