5 Common Causes of Water Leaks in Homes

Water leaks are unhealthy for your home. They can damage your home, spoil the décor, and encourage organic growth. Additionally, as we all know, they lead to wastage of water. In the event of a leak, homeowners should first get the leak identified by a leak detection specialist. If you are located in Arkansas, look for a reputed local Water Leak Detection Repairing Company to pinpoint the leak source accurately.

As a homeowner, you are unable to see all of the pipelines in their home, and naturally not aware of a leaking point. However, if you know the common situations that lead to leaks, it becomes easier to prevent future leak formations.

Here we have listed for you some of the most common causes of water leaks:

  1. Broken Seals

At the time of connecting plumbing lines to appliances, sealants are placed around water connectors. These are also set in other places like dishwasher doors. With aging of the pipelines and appliances, the seals tend to break or wear out. If you find condensation on an appliance or any puddles near an appliance, the seal may be broken.

  1. Clogged Lines

Clogged drains, in general, cause inconveniences. In extreme case, the clogs may result in burst or overflowing pipes. For instance, obstructions in gutters may result in major water damage. To prevent such severe clogs, make sure that your gutters are clean.

  1. Corrosion

With aging of plumbing systems, corrosion and rust are likely to damage the pipes. In case you see any warping or discoloration on the pipes, get the damage assessed by a plumber right away. If you have an older plumbing system, some of the pipes may be at a high risk of corrosion. Replace such pipes with newer models.

  1. Damage in Pipe Joints

Places where pipes connect are often the weakest points in a plumbing network. As pipes age, the joints are likely to deteriorate, leading to leaks. Most of the pipe joints are not visible easily. If your pipes are noisy, making a banging or ticking sound, especially when hot water is turned on, the pipe joints may be under a lot of pressure. A regular or yearly evaluation of your system will reveal the problem.

  1. Excessive Water Pressure

It feels nice to have a high water pressure; however, uneven or excessive water pressure can strain the pipes. Most faucets and pipes are able to withstand a certain degree of water pressure only. Any additional pressure may result in leaks. In case you are concerned regarding your water pressure, get the pressure measured by a professional.

Pay heed to the condition of your plumbing system. If you see a spike in your water costs, changes in water flow, a musty smell in the place around drains, or other signs of a water leak, get in touch with a reliable Water Leak Detection Repairing Company in Arkansas.

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