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5 Common Places To Check For Water Seepage: Step by Step Guide For Water Leak Detection

Dib dab, hish hush!! Leaky noises such as these are most common. However, we tend to avoid calling a water leak detection service provider at the first instant. Even if a leak looks minor, unless it is prevented right at the beginning, the consequences could be disastrous.

A leak usually occurs from a gash or a crack on the water pipe or even at poorly sealed components attached to it. Some of the most common places where water leakage occurs are water supply lines, water heaters, toilets, sewers, kitchen sinks and showers.

Consequences on Your Home And Health

Ignoring leaks is certainly not a good idea because it can lead to extensive property damage and health hazards. Here are some of the main consequences that you are likely to face if leaks are not prevented:

a. Growth of molds and fungus

Molds and fungus are constantly growing in the nooks and corners of properties. They can lay inactive for long periods in dry spots. However, when water leakage takes place, these inactive molds grow and spread quickly. These are responsible for damaging your health and undermine the appearance of your property.

b. Damages To Your Structure

Water dripping can cause significant structural damages to your home. The dry wall tends to swell and thicken when it absorbs water from a leaked pipe. If continued for a long-time, it can severely damage the structural lining of the house such as weakening of the beams.

Apart from the permanent damages, there are also effects on the aesthetics of the property with discoloration or staining of the walls.

c. Reduces The Value Of Your Property

Long-term water damages will definitely decrease the value of your property. Not fixing a leak is sure to leave undetected lingering effects. These will reduce the bargaining value of your house to a large extent.

Therefore, it is important to detect the water leaks immediately and prevent them from causing serious or permanent damages to your home.

Here are 5 places at your home that you can check for a leak:

1. Hot water tanks

  • Inspect the pressure relief valve as it can be directly plumbed into a drain
  • If the drain pipe cannot be removed then check for hissing sounds to detect a leak.

2. Toilets

    • When you are in the toilet, remove the top of the tank and try searching for a hissing or common leaky sound.
    • If the noise can be heard then try and locate the area from where it is coming.

Incase you cannot assess the location,

  • Add a few drops of food colorings in the tank and wait a few minutes.
  • If the color moves to the bowl, it means the bottom of the tank is seeping water and needs to be fixed.

Repeat the same process in the other toilets

3. Meter line

If the toilet seems fine, check your meter line.

  • Shut the meter valve and remove the lid.
  • Then watch the dial on top of the meter.
  • The dialer is not supposed to turn after the valve is shut.
  • If the dialer is turning, this means there is a leak in between the meter and the house.
  • Check for any obvious signs such as soft muddy patch or greener grass near the meter to locate the water leak.

4. Hose bibs

Locate all the hose bibs present in your home.

  • Take a screw driver and apply the metal tip to the metal part of the bib.
  • Place your thumb on the tip of your screwdriver and your ear on that thumb knuckle.
  • This works as a stethoscope and you will be able to hear any leaky noise that the hose bibs will make.

This process can also be used to detect a leak on installed fittings such as faucets, sinks, shower valves and water heater.

5. Other places

You can apply any of these above processes to check other places at your home such as:

  • Garden: Check the hoses, taps and drip irrigation systems.
  • Shower head: This will be a very straight forward home repairing job.
  • Swimming pool: Your swimming pools are also susceptible to leaks and should be checked by your plumber or a water leak detection service provider.

It is not easy to detect a leak. It can be very confusing and time consuming. Nevertheless, this is an issue that needs to be addressed at the earliest. Else, the consequences are going to be serious

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