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5 Common Signs of a Leak in Swimming Pool

Swimming pool leaks are often not visible. Such leaks, if not fixed immediately, can lead to property damages and increase in your water bills. The key to prevent or minimize these damages and expenses is to identify the leak as early as possible. Knowing the following common signs of a leaking pool can help you figure out if there is actually any leak or not.


  1. Standing Water Nearby the Equipment Pad or Pool

When the equipment is inspected visually, you may find something simple such as defective O-ring. If you see uneven grass or mushy spots around your swimming pool area, the cause may be a leak in the underground plumbing system.


  1. Unusual Consumption of Water

In case you operate an automatically running fill device, watch out your water bills for indications of high consumption. If you find the fill device to be running continuously, start examining for a leak.


  1. Discoloration of Water or Excessive Algae Growth

This is a sign of an imbalance in chemistry of the water. This may happen on addition of new untreated water to the pool.


  1. Water Corrosion around Pipelines or at Pump

This is a sure indication of a water leak in the pool.


  1. Failing or Loose Tiles or Cracks in the Cement Deck of the Pool

Unsettling of the surrounding ground because of excess water is an indication of a leak.


If you find one or more of these signs, get the leak identified straight away with the help of a reliable American Water Leak Detection specialist in Arkansas. Accurate detection of the leak is the first step to fixing it.

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