5 Professional Tools used for Leak Detection

Residences, commercial places or public spaces, all have extensive pipelines that carry water and gas utilities. These run below the ground and paved floors or even between walls. Leaks in any one of them turn out to be to be a nightmare if long stretches were to be dug up or broken to reach to the leak.


With the need for precise leak detection becoming increasingly important, technologies have advanced to bring in devices that meet specification. It is cost-effective for homes to hire Swimming pool leak detection & Repairing company in Arkansas than tear down the well-built structures. There is also the factor of crew safety and security in excavation processes that have to be taken into consideration.


The most important types of tools used for leak detection are as follows:


Tools that carry out sonic leak detection on conventional material: Whenever and wherever there is a leak, there is the sound of the leak. These state-of-the-art tools help in listening to the noise that the point emits and interfere in the small part only. The technicians are fitted with ear-phones that pick up the leak noise and allow for an easy detection.


Helium tracer-gas detection: Leaks in tanks and other closed systems is perhaps more difficult to trace than those embedded under surfaces. The helium gas that is inserted in the pipes inserted to detect the leak escapes through any crack or leak point. The defect is then identified instantly. Helium is an inert gas and will not affect the environment where it is used making it completely safe for the leak detection.


Sonic non-metallic leak detection: Plastic pipes are widely used in all sectors and these obviously do not conduct electricity. The electro-magnetic methods fail to yield results of leak detection. These tools make use of the mechanical vibrations traced by a microphone and trace the leak effortlessly. The vibration passes through the pipe that can be measured. Point of maximum vibration indicates the leak points.


Visual aid equipment: Cameras fitted at the end of pipes allow plumbers to see the leak physically despite being far away from it. Be it the water lines, Irrigation System or sewerage lines, this tool helps in providing easy Detection Services. The camera is fitted to the end of a fiber optic cable that is released inside the pipe. The leak can be seen and the length measured for the precise detection.


Infrared scanning: Leaks mean that liquid or gas escaping from a point leading to its accumulation. It is normal that this point is likely to have lower temperature than its surroundings. The infrared scanners register this temperature difference to indicate the leak point without causing to break the surfaces.

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