5 Top Problems Due To Leaking Swimming Pools

When a leak occurs, the first thought that usually strikes us is that of the rising electricity bills due to the lost water that is needed. But for a swimming pool plagued with the problem of water loss, the consequences          are deeper and graver!


There are several parts and components that are indispensable parts of a pool and are directly affected by the leaking water. Moreover, there are serious consequences to the surrounding underground structures causing major havoc.


Here are the top 5 concerns that you should seriously contemplate upon resulting from a leaking swimming pool:


  1. pH balance, hygiene & immediate concerns


With the receding water level it is only natural that the pool will have a pH imbalance. Acids and alkaline are added to keep the water clean. While the acidic components help in preventing any growth in the water, the alkaline additions prevent any adverse reaction on swimmers.


Lowering of acidic levels in the water promote the growth of algae and other germs making the water unhygienic. The leaking chlorine on the other hand is sure to affect surrounding plants and other growing greens by saturating the soil.


2.  Mechanical and allied damages


Water level at two-third distance from the skimmer and the in-ground pool is ideal for the filter and the motor to function at the optimal level. These pumps are built to keep them cool under water. With a persistent leak, the mechanical parts are exposed to overheating and malfunctioning.


The problem caused then becomes tri-fold – loss of water, electricity and mechanical failure and incurred costs.


3. Skimmer affected directly


Skimmers are installed to keep all types of debris out and recycle the water into the pump. With water levels falling below the stipulated level, this pool part fails to operate properly. It may be necessary to reattach the skimmer part to maintain proper functioning of the entire pool setup.


4. Plumbing fault aggravates


When there is a constant leak occurring through one or multiple plumbing lines or fixtures, it undermines the strength of the overall system. The cracks widen with the pressure of the water and the condition deteriorates fast. Not only is there loss of water, but even the return lines can bring in dirty water due to seepage leading to total unhygienic conditions!


5. Structural damage losses


Water that leaks out of the pool is most likely to damage the surrounding building foundations. Not only does it affect the underlying structure of the pool itself leading to a floating pool problem but also plays havoc with the foundation of the main structure of the property.


Weakening of your home’s foundational structure is surely the last thing that you would want to happen due to a leaking pool!!!


Even the slightest hint of a leak should make you scurry to call in the plumbing company dealing with pool leaks. A routing check of the pool by these specialists is the best way to keep away the possibility of any future leaks.


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