Residential Water Leak Detection

5 Ways to Protect Your Basement From Water Leakage

Having a steaming cup of coffee, with the pattering sound of the rain, should light up your mood on a stormy day. It is time for you to enjoy some quality indoor time while nature can regale herself in her own sweet time!


This idyllic picture should not take a beating at the hands of your worries about your basement getting flooded by the leaking water. However, this is the case with most houseowners that have to live with the perpetual worry of flooded basements and damaged properties.


The fact is, that you can easily avoid the nuisance of Residential Water Leak problem by ticking off these four major concerns.


Basic home maintenance: Keeping the surroundings of your home clean goes a long way in preventing the huge problem of water seeping into your property. Leaves and other rubbish that gather regularly cause water accumulation around the structure that leak inside causing flooding. The gutters are an important point of consideration here that should be cleaned and maintained to allow the stormwater to pass out of the premises smoothly.


Proper gutter placement: Gutters coming down from the roof should be bending at 90 degrees and extended at least four to five feet down to the external connect. Care should be taken to fasten the ends with screws to withstand the force and pressure of the fast-flowing water. Once done, make sure that they remain clean all through the year. Alternately, make arrangements to cover them to prevent any debris from entering them.


Slope gradient: The building foundation and the gradient of the immediate land around it if sloping towards the building is a danger point. Experts opine that all soil around the structure should slope away from it at a gradient of one-fourth of an inch per foot. The investment that you may have to make for making such changes will pay off in the long run by saving your foundation preventing any foundation leak.


Blocking cracks and holes: Any unfortunate cracks and hole that may have developed due to faulty construction are also potential damage causes. There is also the chances of such problems occurring when the building has aged considerably. Preventing such points from occurring can be done by filling up of the holes and waterproofing soon after construction.


Leak detection: For buildings already having such problems, repairing them is the only solution. However, you need have the leaks and cracks pointed out well for the correct repair. Only professional leak detection companies using advanced technologies can do the needful. Finding out the exact leak source will eliminate all probability and also minimize the expense of the repairs.




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