6 Most Common Types of Household Water Leaks

Water leaks not only lead to water loss but also raise your water bill. It’s a common problem encountered by homeowners. While a water leak issue calls for immediate professional help, however, knowing the common types of water leaks occurring in homes can help homeowners prevent them in the first place or fix them fast.

We have listed some common types of water leaks affecting homes:


  1. Dripping Taps

Since its very invention, dripping taps have been among the most common sources of water leak. People often don’t turn off taps properly, leading to leaking taps. In other cases, when a tap is over tightened, it may start leaking. Over tightening a tap causes the tap washer to wear off, resulting in a leak. A leak may also develop in a quarter turn tap if debris gets stuck in the tap valve or if the water is extremely hot.


  1. Leaks in Pump Valves

Pumps have improved over the years. Yet, they continue to be common leak locations. Water leak issues in pumps are usually caused by vibration when the power shower works or central heating is turned on.


  1. Boiler Leaks

A boiler may develop a leak at any age. In fact, cheaper boilers have greater chances of developing leaks at an early stage. A boiler comprises of a large number of parts any of which can malfunction at any point in time and start leaking.


  1. Water Leakage Beneath Sink

Leakage of water beneath a sink is also quite a common household leak. Storing products underneath the sink usually raise this issue. Such storage of products knocks the pipework.


  1. Leaking Radiator Valve

A radiator valve leak is common especially in the month of October as occupants turn on the radiator for winter. During the summer months, the valves tend to stick. The issue, if dealt in a wrong way, may lead to a severe central heating water leakage.


  1. Leak in the Toilet Inlet Pipe to the Valve

Another commonly encountered leak in homes is that occurs at the point where the toilet inlet pipe leads to the valve. This happens when the pipeline to the toilet is strained. A fiber washer isn’t always the right option as they can weaken over time, leading to the formation of a water leak.

If you find any of the above discussed or any other type of leak in your home, get in touch with professional water leak detection and repairing specialists. For accurate and quick leak detection, seek the help of a reputed Residential Water Leak Detection company at Arkansas.


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