6 Warning Signs of a Water Leak at Home

Sometimes, water leaks at home can be difficult to detect directly. However, if you watch out for the common warning signs of a leak, you are likely to catch water leaks quickly and get them fixed fast. In this article, I’m listing down some of the common warning signs of water leaks at home.

  1. Readings of Water Usage Exceeding 12,000 Gallons/Month


During colder temperature periods, the EPA states that a family with four members usually should not use over 12,000 gallons water each month. So, if you find your water usage exceeding this, depending on your family size, you are likely to have a leak.


  1. Sudden Puddles


Unless something has been spilled, the floor should not be wet. So, in case your floor looks discolored or you find damp spots over your carpet, there may be something leaking underneath it.


  1. Strange Noises


Noise is one of the most obvious warning signs of a water leak. In case you hear dripping or hissing sounds near fixtures like the sink or toilet, it may indicate water flow at a place where it should not be.


  1. Formation of Mildew


It’s not unusual for mildew to form in places with constant water flow (like the corners of shower). However, if you find mildew building up quickly as well as at strange places, it’s a strong indication of a water leak.


  1. Greater than Normal Water Bill


If your water bills are greater than usual, it’s an indication that a water leak may be there inside your walls. Without any sudden changes in your water use habits, there should be consistency in your water bills. In case you find your water bills to be unexpectedly and significantly greater than your past bills, a leak may be there. Additionally, carry out a comparison between your water bills and the bills of your neighbors. In case you note a significant difference, there may be a leak in your home.


  1. Water Stains on Walls, Floors, or Ceiling


Watch out for water damage signs, mold, warped walls or floors. A discolored or warped floorboard or wall may be an indication of pooling of water in this place and damage caused by it, even if moisture is not visible at the moment. They may be signs of a water leak in some hidden plumbing pipe.

Some more warning signs of water leaks are:

  • Fall in water pressure
  • Increased home humidity
  • Rusty pipes


These are some of the warning signs to watch out for so as to identify water leaks quickly. If you suspect a water leak at your home, hire a reliable water leak detection specialist or company to get the leak identified and repaired quickly.

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