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7 Smart Smartphone Apps for Household Swimming Pool Maintenance

If you have a swimming pool at your home, you must be knowing the importance of maintaining it well. However, pool maintenance is not always an easy task, especially if all your family members are busy with their hectic schedules. Thanks to technological advancement, now there are several mobile apps that simplify swimming pool leak detection maintenance. These apps will save you time, energy, money, and guesswork. Some of these household swimming pool maintenance apps are listed below:

  1. Nimbus Pool Doctor


The Nimbus Pool Doctor app controls all of the chemical balances of your swimming pool. The app supports bromine, saltwater, and regular pools. However, it shows the analytics that are relevant for your pool only. You can easily change measurement units, and treatment records are saved and tracked by the program. If the data is sufficient, the app records Langelier saturations automatically. The app contains a shock calculator. With this app, users can configure their chemical requirements and ideal ranges.

(For iPhone; price: $9.99)


  1. Pool Pro Home


This app is original Pool Pro’s cheaper version, redesigned for people maintaining a home swimming pool by themselves. The app supports saltwater, chlorine, and bromine pools. Several statistics and chemicals are tracked by this app, including calcite and Langelier saturation indexes, and water temperature. Your levels are checked against industry standards by the app, and it offers recommendations for rectification. The app lets you troubleshoot pool issues and save records too.

(For Android; price: $2.99)


  1. Pool Care


Pool Care is a free app that reminds you what should be done and when it should be done – from filter cleanings, backwash schedules, and maintenance to detailed adjustment recommendations and chemical tests. The app also lets you graph your data and view it, maintain multiple spas or swimming pools, and also email your results.

(For Android; price: free)


  1. Swim University


This is another freebie that is a must-have pool maintenance app. Swim University offers buying guides, how-to articles, videos, and online guides. The app offers you quick answers for any questions related to hot tubs or swimming pools, including issues such as chemicals, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

(For iPhone; priced: free)


  1. Pool Heater


This app monitors the heat pump swimming pool heater of your pool, timer settings, and water temperature via Wi-Fi connection. You can also get a smooth background troubleshooting as well as problem resolution with Pool Heater. It lets you have a comfortable pool temperature in a hassle-free manner.

(For iPhone and Android; price: free)


  1. Swim


Swim, developed by American Red Cross, is a good swimming pool resource for parents. The features of the app include water skills tracking, rewards for accomplishments of children, and activities for safety of young swimmers. The app makes safety in water fun with the help of water activities, videos, and games.

(For iPhone and Android; price: free)


  1. Pool Smart


This app teaches users how to maintain a swimming pool’s water balance. The app has screens showing you exactly what you need to add. It also contains a troubleshooting function for helping you with the most common troubles like algae, cloudy water or stains.

(For iPhone; price: $0.99)


These smartphone apps would help you maintain your household swimming pool more efficiently. However, if you find or suspect any water leak in your swimming pool, avail the services of a swimming pool leak detection company or Residential Water Leak Detection Specialist in Arkansas. Addressing swimming pool leaks immediately will not only help you save water, but also lower down your water bill and prevent any water damage to your property and the surrounding area.

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