9 Ways To Identify Swimming Pool Leakage And Know How To Fix It

It is wonderful to have a swimming pool but leaking is one of the problems which you may face if not maintained on a daily basis. Whether you are living in Arkansas or the nearby areas and facing this kind of swimming pool leaking problem, then you can go for the swimming pool leak detection repairing in Arkansas to repair it by the certified professionals.

There is the least chance of leakage if the swimming pool is checked and repaired after a certain period of time. If you cannot make out where the problem or the leakage is lies, call the professionals to get help from them.

It is not always easy to detect swimming pool leakage problem but after reading this you will get to know about a few ways to pinpoint the leakage area accurately.

Come let’s find out 9 ways to identify swimming pool leakage:

  • Check closely if there are any leaks at the equipment pad, pump or filter. You can also check the pipe valves to make it sure that there is no leakage in this area.
  • You can walk around the pool to check the ground for moisture. If the ground is wet, it means a leakage is there.
  • If you want you can mark the water level. Use a tape and marked the level of water with it. Wait for a day and check the water level of the swimming pool. Generally, due to water evaporation, the pool should not lose 0.6cm per day. If the water level goes down more than this, a leakage is there.
  • There is another way to detect the swimming pool leakage. You can place a bucket filled with water on the pool step and mark the water level inside and outside of the bucket. Check the water level on the next morning after passing 24 hours. If the water level drops to a greater level then it is the vivid indication of leakage. It is important to note that this should be conducted with the pump on and then the pump off.
  • If the pool is losing water day by day, stop the filtration and note where the water stops dripping.
  • If you can see the air bubbles when the pool’s pump is running, there must be a leak in the filtration system.
  • If you have seen that the water drops below the light, then a leak must be there at bottom of the pool (in the drain).
  • There is a leak on the return side of the system if the pool is losing water while running the pump.
  • Look closely on the liner to check whether it is leaking or not.

Fix the problem:

You can use pool putty to fix the leak from the separation point of the plastic skimmer and concrete pool. On the other hand, if it is a liner leak then use vinyl liner patch kit. Sometimes it is not always possible to fix the problem just by yourself. You can detect the leakage by using above mentioned ways but you may hire one of the swimming pool leak detection repairing companies in Arkansas to fix the problem immediately.

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