Commercial Water Leak Detection

How To Check Water Meter For Leak Detection?

Water wasted by way of leak is one of the worst wastage that take place across the USA. In fact, almost every household has a leaking faucet, toilet cistern, irrigation sprinklers or swimming pool plumbing. The result is the loss of a good ten thousand gallons of water from each home that adds up to the whooping trillion gallons across the country!


Your water meter is the best indicator of the increase or decrease of the water that you are consuming. However, it is possible that you have no visible leaks or even an indication of a leak anywhere yet there is a persistent leak that is affecting your consumption level.


Detect leak with the help of your water meter


It is good to know how to read your water meter to be able to gauge the amount of water that you are actually consuming or wasting. This is why you should know how to read the meter to check it out for yourself. And in case you are faced with the proposition of an unseen leak, you can always contact your local Water Leak Detection Services company in Arkansas for a speedy detection and remedy.


Here are the simple steps to check your meter for any leak:


  • First make sure that every outlet within your house be it the faucets, shower, washing machine, dishwasher or sprinklers are switched off.


  • Next check out the meter with its calibrations and markings and see if it is still moving. If everything is switched off and the indicator is still moving, it means there is a leak somewhere.


  • In many old meters in place of calibrations you will find numbers scrolling. Note the number on it and check back the change after an hour. If it increases, clearly there is a leak somewhere in your property.


The markings are placed in a way that they give the measurement in gallons. If you have cubic square feet readings, then just multiply the cubic feet by 7.48 to get the measurement in gallons.


Spot the precise leak point too


An easy way to detect the leak spots on your plumbing exteriors is to check out the lawn and other open spaces for wet and dry spots. This is an effective method especially during the summer months. It is indicative of the plumbing that is passing nearby leaking with the result that the spot has become soft and muddy.


Another important place to check are the crawlspaces beneath the main structure. Sometimes the pipes passing through these spaces are wrapped in plastic and at times lay embedded in the ground. Then there are also leaks beneath concrete layers. These usually show up where the slab ends as puddles and may be difficult to identify otherwise.


In all such cases the Trenchless Leak Detection companies can help you find the exact spot without digging around and damaging your property.

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