Irrigation System Leak

Checking Your Irrigation System: 7 Signs of an Irrigation System Leak

If you have an irrigation system, it’s important for you to ensure that it’s in a sound condition. Watch out for leaks in your irrigation system that can lead to substantial water losses as well as increase your water bills. Even a small water leak can lead to significant damages to your landscape.

So, if you are a resident of Arkansas and find or suspect a water leak in your irrigation system, avail irrigation system detection services Arkansas to get the leak identified immediately. Then, carry out the repair works.

Below are some signs that your irrigation system may have a water leak:

  1. Water Shooting Up


Water shooting up isn’t a good sign, unless a well is being drilled. A hole in mainline is usually obvious and runs continuously; however, an irrigation head that’s broken will run only when the cycle of the irrigation zone runs. As broken irrigation head releases substantially more water compared to one that functions well, it may result in the following three symptoms.


  1. Water Flow Over a Curb


If there is no rain, the flow of water over a curb indicates that there is a problem. When irrigation water flows over a curb, it signifies wastage of water and is a sign of poor drainage, broken irrigation head, or over-irrigation.


  1. Sediment Deposited in Alluvial Fan Pattern


You must have read in Geology that when Mississippi River flows in Gulf of Mexico, sediment deposition occurs in alluvial fan pattern. On a parking lot or sidewalk, if you notice alluvial fan pattern, it can indicate the issue of broken irrigation head.


  1. Erosion


More water is released by broken irrigation head. This water shoots up and falls to the ground carrying a high level of destructive energy. Based on your landscape’s vegetation and type of soil, this can lead to erosion. In case the erosion starts close to an irrigation head, examine if it’s broken, cracked, or has loose connection at base.


  1. Tall Grass or Dark Green Spots Around Irrigation Head


Tall grass or dark green spots appearing around any irrigation head is another indication of a problem. When such a thing happens, there is a likelihood of the irrigation head being clogged, broken, or cracked. Green spots that are distant from the irrigation head usually are not related to any irrigation problem.


  1. Slimy, Green Curbs


If you notice slimy fungus starting to develop on any adjacent curb, either there is a slow irrigation system leak or you may be over-irrigating significantly.


If your home has a separate sub meter or meter for irrigation, you can check for slow irrigation leak with its help. You simply need to open the box containing the meter. Then, observe the small, black or red triangle or dial. If you find it moving when the irrigation does not run, there is a leak.


You may also hire professional irrigation system detection services Arkansas to find out whether there is any irrigation leak or not.


  1. Water Running from Irrigation Head


If you see water in a small amount running out of any irrigation head steadily, even after a long time of turning off the system, the irrigation valve may be leaking. Irrigation valves function well mostly; however, the solenoid or diaphragm of an irrigation valve may fail over time, or the diaphragm can be blocked by debris from closing fully.


If you come across these signs, avail reliable irrigation system detection services Arkansas immediately to get the irrigation leak detected immediately. Once identified, get it repaired shortly.

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