8 Common Signs of Swimming Pool Leakage To Look Out For

A property with a swimming pool is always an exciting prospect to have especially with the summers just round the corner. You sure have planned plenty of fun with friends and family, to relax and chill out the days from the excruciatingly heavy schedules.

At the same time having a swimming pool entails much of maintenance and care. There is the issue of hygiene and also the proper water levels to be maintained at all times. The normal count says that losing about 1/4th of an inch of water each day by evaporation is only natural. In that case each week your pool would end up losing one and a half inch of water in a week.

If there is more water loss than this, it is obvious that it is happening due to a leak present in the pool or the connecting plumbing lines. There are however some tell-tale signs that clearly indicate swimming pool leakage. Here are some of the most prominent markers:


  1. Wet patches near the pool: One of the first signs to appear is water puddles or wet spots surrounding the pool. You may find patches on the grass that are becoming mushy and remain that way for no reason.


2. Water discoloration due to excessive algae growth: Despite maintaining the pH of the water chemically, if there is too much of biological growth, then there is a dis-balance occurring due to water loss or addition.


3. Increasing chemical consumption: If the water from your pool is leaking out, it is taking the chemicals used in the water with it. This should work as a subtle meter to measure the amount of water in your pool and how much of it you are losing each day.


4. Loosening of tiles or appearance of cracks: The leaking water is sure to cause damage to the cement bonding of the tiles bringing them out of the neat tiled surface.


5. Water signs on pool equipment: When you find circles or water stagnation marks on equipment that are meant to remain under water, it indicates that the level has gone down. Water is leaking out of the swimming pool.


6. Corrosion around the water equipment: If you come across clear signs of corrosion on water equipment of your pool, it clearly indicates that there is a leakage at a point nearby.


7. Drastic fall in water level: Despite of regular refilling up to the required mark if the water level is dropping, that is more than one-fourth of an inch every day, it is an alarming sign of water leakage.


8. Gurgling sound: This is a strange but common phenomenon that occurs due to pool leakage and any such sound should tell you that something is amiss. Get moving and investigate the reason for it that is most likely to be a leakage in your swimming pool.


While these are the most common reasons why most private or even public swimming pools leak detection is required to stop losing  water, you may need the help of experts to ascertain finer reasons. Get down splashing and enjoying while also keeping your eyes open for any of these signs to save money and any added pain.


Happy Summer!!!

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