How to Detect Irrigation System and Sprinkler Leaks

Water is a crucial resource and should be used wisely. It’s important to keep a watch on our water consumption, reducing wherever we can. Using water wisely will help in saving the environment as well as lower the water bills every month.


About 40%-60% of the water consumed by a home is utilized outdoors. So, it’s essential to ensure that your irrigation system doesn’t have any leaks. Below are a few ways to find water leaks in your irrigation system and sprinkler:


  1. Check your timer and find out where and when you are using water. By checking the timer, if you know the number of sprinklers being used, then you can find out whether your garden is being over-watered, with the help of an irrigation specialist.


  1. Check out soggy and wet spots in your lawn by observing it. If you find any soggy patch, this may indicate a water leak close to the patch.


  1. Examine the sprinkler parts above ground. These parts often get damaged due to lawn mowers, people tripping over sprinklers, and animals. Clogged or damaged sprinkler nozzles may cause a water leak in the system.


  1. When your sprinkler irrigation system is efficient, it evenly waters your whole garden, without the need of hand watering any part. In case your garden is not watered evenly and you find under-watered or dry patches, hire a Water Leak Detection Repairing Company in Arkansas as your irrigation system might have a leak.


  1. Notice your water bill, since if your water bill is greater than normal, your system might have a leak somewhere. Before blaming the sprinkler system, ensure that there are no leaks in your other water sources like faucets, washing machine, toilets, and shower.


  1. Physical damages like burst pipes and broken valve may indicate an irrigation system leak. If a sprinkler shoots water similar to a fountain, a water leak may be there. Constant dripping of the control valves also indicates a water leak problem.


  1. If there is no rain, water flow over a curb indicates a water leak issue. Any flow of irrigation water over a curb indicates wastage of water, and is a sign of poor drainage, broken irrigation head, or over-irrigation.


  1. If you find taller grass or darker green spots around any irrigation head, your irrigation system may have a leak. In such a case, your irrigation head may be clogged, broken, or cracked. If green spots are distant from the irrigation head, they are most probably not associated with any irrigation system problem.


If you think your irrigation system or sprinklers have a water leak, address the problem immediately. Avail the services of a reliable Water Leak Detection Repairing Company in Arkansas to get the leak identified quickly and accurately.


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