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6 Easy ways to locate a Water Leakage

Water leakage does not cause water wastage only, but also costs money and increases the chance of potential disaster. Detecting and working on the water leakage part can save you from multiple troubles.

How will you detect the leakage spots without creating a hole in the wall?

1. Your Water Meter Needs Regular Checking

Your water meter can primarily detect the water leakage. Subtle changes in the water meter can point out a water leakage if you haven’t increased water consumption amount recently. You just need to turn off the faucets of your house completely and keep an eye on the water meter. If you can detect continuous changes, then there is a possibility of water leakage. If you want to be sure about the leakage, then check a couple of times following the same process. If you can detect the same changes each and every time in your water meter, then it is obvious that your faucets or toilet is leaking water.

2. You Should Keep Your Water Usage under Check

In an average American family, the water consumption amount remains within 32,000 gallons yearly. If you notice a glaring difference between the amount fixed by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the actual amount of water usage in your home, then you can be sure about leaking water.

3. Your Water Bill can reveal a lot, Check on them

The easiest way of detecting a water leakage is checking on your water bill. You just need to collect your water bills and just go through them. If you notice the bill is increasing, then check your faucets and pipes. If your water usage amount is stagnant but your bill amount is swelling, then you can expect a serious leakage.

4. Toilet Leaking can be Detected with Food Coloring

Your toilet can reveal a water leakage. You need to mix few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank and now wait. If the water in your toilet bowl changes color, then your pipe is leaking somewhere.

5. Your  Outside Water Drainage System needs check-up

Water leakage affects the irrigation system, hoses and spigots. Just check on them as well.

6. Maintain Regularity

Routine check-up of your basins and cabinets can save you from the cost of water leakage. Invest in some good- quality faucets and pay prompt attention if you witness any change in your irrigation system.

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