Effective Plumbing Tips for Springtime

Winter is a time when your plumbing system might suffer from some strains and other issues. The drains may clog and cracks may form on the hoses and pipes. To prevent or minimize any problems, the plumbing system should be inspected well and fixed before the arrival of spring. Here are some plumbing tips for springtime to help you find out issues in the areas where most of the problems occur in the winter months.

Tips for your Bathroom and Kitchen:

Check for drips and leaks in your faucets. They are annoying, and you can notice them easily. Such leaks can damage your sink and facilitate the growth of mildew and mold. Fix any such water leaks right away, whenever you notice them.

Check for any leaks in your toilet. To prevent clogs in your drains, install drain strainers that would keep out more of hair, soap, and dirt from them.

These tips would help you keep your kitchen and bathroom in a sound condition for the upcoming summer.

Tips for your Water Heater and Other Appliances:

Drain the water from your water heater. This would help in removing the sediments building up on the appliance’s bottom part. These sediments lead to corrosion as well as reduce the heated water’s energy efficiency. Also, note the temperature of the water heater and set it as 120 degrees. In case the water heater is more than 10 to 15 years old, you may need to replace it in near future.

Check for water leaks in hoses of your dishwasher. Fixing these leaks is easy as well as cheap.

Clean your washing machine’s lint trap thoroughly. Consider placing a wire trap on the drain hose’s end to prevent the lint from getting inside the drainage system.

Additionally, consider getting maintenance services for your air conditioner before the arrival of the hot summer months.

Tips for your Sump Pump:

Ensure that your sump pump is working well, if you have one. Check whether it’s working or not by pouring many buckets of water in it. If the sump pump activates, it’s working well. In case you find any issues, get them resolved before you require it.

The shut off valve of water supply is usually not used on a daily basis. So, ensure that it can turn off and on in case of any emergency. Turn it off and on after regular intervals to prevent the shut off valve from sticking.


There are several other plumbing maintenance tips that, if followed well, can help you prevent damages and issues, as well as save money. However, in case of a water leak in your home, seek the services of a Residential Water Leak Detection Arkansas company immediately. Get water leaks detected quickly and correctly to facilitate repairs and prevent any water damage. The well-experienced technicians of a reputed leak detection company can offer you effective tips on how to maintain your plumbing system in a sound condition.


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