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How Acoustic Leak Detection Works

Water leakage problem is always there. You never know when the internal leakage is happening without making you aware of it. But it is a fact that every leakage, may be it is external or internal makes different sounds altogether. The size of the pipe and the type of soil and other material surrounding the pipe are responsible for making the different sounds. If you are living near Arkansas area and facing leakage problem, then you can always go for water leak detection services in Arkansas to fix the problem immediately.

Professionals need to detect water leakage problem accurately and here comes the role of acoustic leak detection equipment. It is a light weighted apparatus which helps to detect leak by the sounds. It is also used to listen leaks underneath inside the flooring, inside the walls, and also used externally to listen deep beneath the ground to locate the leaking point.

You might be wondering about the fact that how this acoustic leak detection works actually. Well, let’s begin with it in details.

  • The different sounds of water leaks:
  1. “Splashing” or “Babbling Brook” sounds from water flowing around all the pipes
  2. Small “clinking” sounds of pebbles and stones bouncing off the pipe
  3. “Hiss” or “Whoosh” sounds from pipe vibration and orifice water pressure reduction, this sound always present for leaks in pipes
  4. Frequent “beating/thumping” sounds from water spray striking the wall of the soil cavity

If you want you can choose one of the best water leak detection services in Arkansas to get a quick result by repairing the leakage as soon as possible.

  • Various factors which affect the leakage sounds:
  1. Pipe material and diameter: You may have knowledge of different types of pipe materials and on the basis of these material water leak sounds differ from one another. You can find difference between PVC pipes and metal pipes clearly. On the other hand, large diameter pipes transmit much less sound than the small diameter pipes.
  2. Type of soil and it’s compaction: If the pipes are surrounded by sandy soils and very loose soils do not transmit the water leaks very well. Compacted soil transmits the water leak sounds.
  3. Surface or the ground cover: Whether it is loose dirt, grass lawn, asphalt street, or concrete slabs you can find differences accurately.
  4. Water pressure in the pipe: The loudness of the leaking sound is also depends upon the water pressure in the pipe.
  • The way leak sound travels through soil:

It is a known fact that soil absorbs high frequencies to a greater degree than lower frequencies. If a pipe is 3 ft deep and the other one 6 ft deep, the sound of 3 ft pipe will be louder than the other.

  • Pinpoint the leakage location:

Acoustic leak detection can detect the leakage location where the sound is the loudest. There is a visible display device with the headphone by which the water leak detection services in Arkansas can detect the leakage areas instantly and efficiently.

So, if you ever face this water leakage problem, hire professionals to solve the problems immediately.

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