Swimming Pool Leak Detection

How to Identify and Fix Leaks in a Swimming Pool

Swimming pool leak, even a small one, can lead to major problems if the leak is not identified and repaired immediately. You may need to bear high expenses as your swimming pool loses water continuously. However, a leak in the swimming pool may lead to more troubles than merely a higher water bill. If the leakage issue is not addressed quickly, the water may ruin decking or landscaping. You may even need to replace some pool parts.

Whenever it seems that water is leaking out of a swimming pool, it’s important to find out from where the water leak is coming. For this, you may need to avail professional water leak detection and repairing services in Arkansas.

Let us see how to identify and fix leaks in a swimming pool.

Firstly, ensure that it’s a leak in reality. This is because what you are thinking a water leak may actually be something else. When it comes to water loss from a pool, there are three key causes:

  1. Plumbing leaks in swimming pool
  2. Shell leaks in swimming pool
  3. Excessive splash or normal evaporation


Let’s address the third cause at first. A significant amount of water can be evaporated by the sun from a swimming pool daily without your knowledge, and people swimming can splash a substantial quantity of water in the pool.

To determine whether or not the loss of water is because of evaporation, fill a large container with water and keep it on your pool’s first step. Next, remove water from that container such that the level of water in the container and in the pool is exactly same. Then, leave that container for a few days there and make sure no one uses the swimming pool during that time. After a few days, if you find that the level of water in the container and that in the pool has lowered by the same amount, know that the loss of water is because of evaporation by the sun. Contrastingly, if the water level in the swimming pool has lowered more than that in the container, a leak is likely to be there in the swimming pool somewhere.

Finding and Repairing Swimming Pool Leaks:

When finding a leak in your swimming pool, the first place you should inspect is the area around your pump and filter. In case you come across any damp areas or water spots there, try tracing back the source of the water. Quite often, it would be a connection in one of the pipelines in this region. It may be required to switch on the pump for some time for observing whether or not any leaks form when everything is running. If you get a sight of the water leak and you are proficient at repairing the swimming pool plumbing, then you may want to carry out the job yourself. However, it is best to leave such jobs to an American water leak detection and repairing professional in Arkansas.

In case you do not find any water leaks in the plumbing, the leak may be in the pool’s shell itself. In such a case, it’s always recommended to leave such jobs to a qualified technician.


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