How Irrigation System Leak Detection Works

Irrigation is a modern convenience that reduces the hard work you need to put to keep your lawn green. With in-ground sprinklers, it’s possible for you to keep watering your lawn regularly without requiring to do any direct interaction. This lets you stay unaffected by the outdoor elements while maintaining the greenery of your lawn.

However, irrigation is not something that never goes wrong. Frost can cause unexpected water leaks in even the most expensive and robust irrigation systems. An irrigation system leak can lead to the wastage of a huge amount of water.

When you suspect an irrigation system leak, it’s important to get the leak detected and fixed immediately with the help of irrigation system water leak detection services in Arkansas. High-quality irrigation leak detection services can help you save substantial money on water bills as well as protect you from troubles arising from the leak.


Working of Irrigation System Leak Detection

An irrigation system leak detection service aims to figure out the location of irrigation leaks accurately. The process of detecting leaks is targeted at making the repair easier, thereby helping you save substantially on money.

The process consists of three key steps:

  1. The first step comprises checking out any visible water leakage signs. These may include soft spoils on soil, lush green grass, standing water and more. Although such signs may not be present always, they are good indications of the existence of larger leaks.


  1. The next step involves trying to check out smaller leaks. For this, you need to close your irrigation system for testing the pressure. A qualified irrigation system leak detection specialist can then evaluate the potentially troublesome regions, like sprinkler heads and pipe joints.


  1. The final step involves confirming the leaks. This needs excavation of the soil. Usually, this step directly comes before fixing the leaks in the irrigation system. This step also needs the most labor, that’s why reducing the excavation amount helps to save on costs while fixing the irrigation system.


Irrigation leaks should be addressed immediately. If you suspect any water leak in your irrigation system, avail reliable irrigation system water leak detection services in Arkansas.

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