How much water does the average American waste?

Wasting water is not anything new or extraordinary. For most Americans it is among the statistics of wastes that goes on in the country like food and energy. In fact, to go by statistics, on an average, one trillion gallons of water is wasted in the country every year. Yes, we are talking about water wastage and not space distance in terms of light years!


One of the first reasons for leak is of course leaving the tap open willfully for the warm water to fill the tub or come out of the shower. This happens every day almost in every home, hotel and accommodation irrespective of its size!


But there are also other regular water waste sources that most of us tend to overlook. These usually account for the maximum amount of water wastage across the land accounting for the unfathomable trillion gallons water.


Leaking toilets waste more than 1000 gallons


Think again! Did you leave the toilet with water leaking out into it from the cistern? If so this is a big reason for rising water bills, wasted water every day, for weeks, months and ultimately the year. It can account for anything between one thousand to four thousand gallons of water being wasted every day by a single toilet.


Those dripping faucets!


Then again there are the faucets in bathroom and the kitchen that continue to give out multiple drips every minute. Even if you were to calculate it as a drip a minute, the total would add up to thirty-four gallons a year! Well, if is this what is happening in your house and with multiple faucets, and with multiple drips a minute, you can well calculate the water that is getting wasted from your home.


Pools and irrigation systems in summer


In summer, leaks from pools are a common source of wasted water. It is not before quite some leak has taken place over a month, you have noticed an increase in the water bill that you start taking stock of the situation! Again, if you have lawn irrigation systems, the complications increase further. Leaks by an irrigation system usually goes undetected unless an increased bill has alarmed you and you have appointed a reputed American Water Leak Detection based in your locality.


Get rid of them smoothly


These companies usually have very less downtime in responding to leak detection. If the proposal of your beautifully landscaped lawn is daunting you, then you should take comfort in the fact that these companies have use the most advanced technology and the corresponding tools to carry out Trenchless leak detection.


The moment you suspect a leak and call such a reputed company in your locality say Arkansas, they will make use of the most effective sound detection or pressure detection tools to get to the precise leak point and repair it.


So, get cracking and stop contributing to the trillion gallons any more!!!


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