How Much Water Are You Losing Due To Water Leaks?


It is only normal for open pools to lose water by the natural process of evaporation. But there are certain warning signs that clearly indicate that you are losing water due to leakage. The calculation is that if your pool loses water by one-fourth of an inch each day and about two inches every week, it is due to natural evaporation.


The conventional way to check if the pool has a leak is to place a bucket on the second step of the pool with water level equal to that of the pool. Check after at least 24 hours and if the pool water level is considerably lower than that of the water in the bucket, it has a leak.


Given that the average-sized American pool holds between eighteen thousand to twenty thousand gallons of water, the water lost should not be more than ten thousand to twenty thousand gallons every year.


It is not unusual to have a leak in your pool. On an average one out of every twenty pools have a leak in them. But it is important to have the leak checked and repaired as matter is not just confined to loss of water. The water seeps into the foundation of the surrounding structures and undermine them severely.


The leak may occur from any of the multiple locations in a pool like the gaskets, fittings, pipes, screws and even skimmer housings. Most Residential Water Leak Detection specialists report that the leak occurs due to a combination of the several small sources. It naturally requires the eyes of a veteran that can identify the exact sources through which the leaks are occurring.


There are several ultra-modern methods to check the water loss from pools. Methods like dye injection, use of sound sensors and the installing micro-video cameras all help in the detection of even minute loss of water.


In most cases, the leak occurs from the above-ground plumbing and equipment rather than from those that are beneath the ground. When this is the case, the leaks can be well repaired without draining the out the pool.


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