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Top 5 Municipal Water Leak Solutions by Trenchless Leak Detection

Municipal water leak causes huge wastage of water and money. Repairing the leaks plays a big role in water conservation. Old pipelines, poor construction of the system, faulty valves, mechanical damage and inadequate protection against corrosion can cause leakage. Usually people assume that leaks are always visible. But in most cases, leaks remain unnoticed. A thorough water leak detection service of Trenchless Leak Detection team can help fixing the undetected leaks.

Top 5 solutions for your Municipal water leakage issues:

  1. Assessment of Pipelines

Pipelines are the main components of any Municipal water system. A leakage in them can result in wastage of gallons of water. They are difficult to detect as the pipes remain buried underground and can’t be reached easily. Proper inspection and strengthening of the structures can help minimize the water leak issue.

  1. Monitoring Sensors

Sometimes only inspection of the pipelines doesn’t help much. To detect leakage in complicated water supply lines, you need to install monitoring sensors. These sensors work as permanent leak detector and accurately detect any leak. They can also monitor pressure and temperature of water.

  • Field Engineers

Machines are not always enough. Sometimes you need to take the help of experts that have years of experience in providing leak detection services. Highly trained field engineers can identify leakage quickly and can fix them.

  1. Proper Assessment of the Project

Engineers need to collect data from the past municipal leakage issues and study them thoroughly. Assessing the condition of the leakage prone area can help avoid the problem.

  1. Emergency Inspections

Engineers can lessen wastage by inspecting the water systems of Arkansas right after any natural disaster. Storms or floods cause inner leakages that remain unnoticed for months or years. A quick inspection can minimize the impact of leakage.

Water leakage can result in huge damage. To reduce the damage, you should take help from American water leak detection services in Arkansas. Our team of experts detect leaks effectively, usually within 48 hours. More than 100 pool companies and 400 plumbing companies take help of our team of experts. For more information, call (479) 651-6022 or write to

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