Underground Water Leak Detector

Why Do We Need A Good Underground Water Leak Detector?

It is very common for house owners to face an underground water leak at least once in their lifetime.

All our home water pipes are adjoined beneath the base of the house to keep us connected to the supply of water brought to us by the city water corporation.

1. All Water Lines And Pipes Have An Expiration Date

Over time, the installed pipelines will amass unavoidable wears and tears. The old lead water line will start corroding with time and end up pitting the water pipes.

Even pipes made of copper, iron, steel, PVC and CPVC materials will wear out in time, leaving it susceptible to an underground water leak.

2. Water Can Leak Prematurely From The Poor Pipeline Installation

Whether using poor quality fitting materials or a job done carelessly, poor installation of pipes and waterlines at the initial stage can lead to a premature water depletion leading to even bigger outflow if left undetected.

Therefore, it is recommended to hire a competent and skilled contractor for your underground waterline installation.

3. Extreme Changes In Temperature Can Too Cause The Leaks

If you are living in a place with ground freezing conditions during the winter season, then your waterlines can experience sudden rupture from the frost heaves causing severe water leakage.

Since the water pipes are placed beneath the foundation of our houses it is very difficult to detect a leak in these underground pipes.

4. It Starts Off Slowly Developing Into Larger Leaks

The underground water leaks are not a frequent occurrence. In fact, a homeowner typically experiences this kind of water outflow once or twice in a lifetime.

Since the leak starts off very slowly, subsequently, it takes a lot of time before any prolonged leak could be detected. Chances are that by then it has developed into a larger one and may trickle when the water pressure is very high.

5. The Water Outflow Will Cause Severe Consequences

Unrepaired water leaks can slowly cause structural damages to your property such as wet patches on the wall, growth of molds. In extreme cases, the basement can be flooded with water slowly damaging your neighbor’s lawn alongside yours. A leaking water pipe will draw in contaminated water into the system intoxicating the drinking water and leaving us vulnerable to the stomach and other health issues.

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