Residential Water Leak Detection Tips to Prevent High Water Bills

Residential water leaks not only lead to water loss, but also loss of money. If you suspect any water leaks in your home, it’s important to address the issue quickly. That would not only fix the leak, but also save your hard-earned money. Here are some tips to check for concealed water leaks and toilet leaks:

  1. Checking for Concealed Leaks


Check the Meter: Check out all your faucets, outside and inside, to ensure they are turned off. In the inside water meter, mark the dial hand’s position using a pen or crayon and write down your meter reading’s digits. Now, wait for 1-2 hours. During this time, don’t use any water. After the time is over, check out the meter’s test dial to see whether the hand’s position is different from the mark made by you. Additionally, note the reading to determine whether it has changed. If you find the reading changed or the hand moved, there is some sort of water leak.


Listen for Water Leaks: Check out all your faucets, outside and inside, to ensure they are turned off. Place a regular, large screwdriver firmly on the cold or hot side of a faucet. By placing your ear over the screwdriver’s plastic handle, try listening for water sounds. This test can also be done on any exposed fittings, valves, or pipes. In case you hear running water’s sound, a leak is there. Fittings, pipes, and faucets should not emit any sound if no water leak is there. Hire a residential water leak detection Arkansas company to detect the leak accurately.


  1. Checking for Toilet Leaks


A toilet leak is a common water waster. However, a toilet leak is less visible than a faucet leak. Below are a few simple tests you can carry out to check if there is a toilet leak.


  • Flush your toilet and wait till the toilet stops refilling. Then, visually inspect the bowl. If you can hear water, a leak is there in the toilet.


  • Remove the lid of the toilet tank and check out the level of water in the tank. The level of water should reach up to around 1” below the overflow pipe’s opening. In case the level of water is very high, water can continuously flow down the toilet’s overflow tube. In case the level of water is with the overflow tube’s top portion, sprinkle a small amount of powder on the water surface. If the powder goes down the toilet’s overflow tube, there is a leak in the toilet. For stopping the water leak, adjust the level of water using the adjustment clip or adjustment screw.


  • Even if you don’t see or hear water running, there may be a silent leak in the toilet. To check for any such leak, carry out a simple experiment – remove the toilet tank’s lid and add a few drops of food color to the tank’s water. Don’t flush and wait for about an hour. In case you find the food color to show up in toilet bowl, there is a leak in the toilet. You probably need to clean or replace the flapper or plunger ball.


If you think you might have a water leak in your home, consider availing the services of a residential water leak detection Arkansas company to get the leak detected accurately and fast.

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