How to Know If You Have A Water Leakage Issue

Water leaks lead to significant water loss for homeowners. If you suspect a leak, you may have observed some signs of it, such as the sound of water at times when no water is being used, an area of green grass in your lawn or a pressure decrease at the kitchen tap. Alongside these obvious indications of a leak, there are some more signs and knowing them would help you find whether you actually have a leak or not.

Here are these leakage signs:

  • High water bills
  • Loss of flow rate and water pressure
  • Discoloration in supply water
  • Tanks running continuously in the loft
  • Repeated system pressure loss on combi boiler


 Keep the following points in mind to prevent leaks:

  • Know the location of the isolation points like the external and internal stop taps.
  • Make sure the pipelines are isolated and well-insulated or are drained down in case they are not needed any longer.
  • If pipelines are exposed, lag them.
  • Carry out routine servicing of your boiler.
  • Set your radiator, room, and cylinder thermostats to reasonable temperatures.


Leaks are damaging for your property and increase your expenses. If you think you might have a leak, consider getting it identified immediately to avoid further costs and damage. Choose a residential water leak detection specialist in Arkansas for the job. Ensure that the company you choose is reliable with a proven track record of locating leaks accurately and fast in residential structures.  Compare costs and filter out the companies that overprice you.

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