Secrets of Pipe Leak Detection Revealed

Leaks, especially water leaks are a common feature in the domestic, public and commercial sectors. They not just waste resources but are also responsible for causing more damages and also create a mess that often hampers normal everyday life.

Small Residential Leak Detection

Water Pipe line Leak Detection in the residences, public and commercial sector washrooms and kitchens often cause visible damp patches, peeling paints and mold formation. Wiping clean supply and outlet lines beneath the kitchen counters, under the sink and basins will reveal the leak spots soon as water percolates. Most handymen and other home water leak detection companies make use of several simple manual methods like plugging the outlet and check them for leaks.

Using the Sonic Methods

The challenge is greater when it comes to the residential and commercial leak detection of supply lines that pass through the walls to different supply points. Experienced leak detection companies make use of acoustic gadgets that record the sound of leaking water and also measure them on the meter through a microphone. The same technique is also used to detect leaks in large water supply lines or those carrying sewage. It is most effective for metallic pipelines as sound travels best through the metallic surfaces.

In the case of non-metallic pipelines, the same sonic method is used but the detection of the point takes longer as the sound of leaking water under pressure becomes clear only when the devices is near the point. There are new and improved devices with microphones that has improved the leak detection in PVC pipes.

Helium Gas Detection Method

Another technique the water leak detection companies use is that of the Helium gas detector. This inert gas is passed through the pipelines and the points at which it escapes helps in pinpointing the leak. This system is also very effective to trace leaks in buried telephone and other cables.

High-Tech Robotic Methods

Robotic Pipe Leak Detection is, of course, the latest in the field where the inspection robots are inserted into the pipeline network. Once they detect the leaks, they transmit wireless signals to the base station. The leak is identified clearly and also at the precise point eliminating all proximity and probability clearance making repair works easier and faster. The robot sensors make use of the pressure gradient in the pipelines that supply or carry water, gas or oil.

Depending on the sector, you should contact companies that cater to the exact needs and make use of appropriate human and material resources to track leaks precisely.

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