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Suspecting a Water Leak Issue? 5 Signs to Watch Out For And Prevent Them

Water Leak issue is one of the most common yet expensive problems homeowners are confronted with. A water leakage from a fixture or pipe occurring behind the walls silently not just damages your home, but also costs you more.

To keep your property in good condition, it is important for you to spot such problems and determine effective solutions for them.

Signs of Water Leakage

If you are facing water loss problems and suspect a water leak issue, watch out for the following signs of water leakage:

  1. If your meter goes on continuously even after you have switched off your faucets, you may have a leak.


  1. In case your water bill increases in spite of your usage habits being the same, there are chances of a leak.


  1. If you find water pooling in your crawl space and basement, it may indicate a leak. Mold growth or damp spots on ceiling and walls is also an indication of a water leak issue.


  1. Gathering of moisture or growth of mold on the piping beneath sinks is a sign of water leak.


  1. Leaks may occur outside too. If you come across pooling water on the lawn, it may be an irrigation system problem, an issue with the foundation, or a sewer line issue.

Address Water Leak Issues Promptly

As a homeowner, it is essential to take water leak issues seriously. Even a small amount of water can be responsible for significant property damages and raised water costs. The biggest concern is the damage that it can cause to the structure undermining its very foundation. Internally too, water damages wreaks havoc with décor like wooden floors, wall panels, carpets, and paints.

Water damage also promotes growth of mold that may adversely affect your family’s health by affecting the air quality.

Preventing and Detecting Water Leaks

A bit of preventative maintenance can help you prevent water leaks and ward off troubles associated with them.

  • Clean faucets at regular intervals and drain hot water tanks every few months.
  • Carry out a proper inspection of the hot water tank and valves on pipes to ensure they are not leaking.
  • Check the floors and ceilings regularly for any water damage.
  • In case your home is an older property, ensure proper maintenance of your plumbing lines.

If you are coming across water loss problems and think that you might have leaks, examine your home and look for the common signs of water leak discussed above. Trenchless Leak Detection in Arkansas provides all-round water leak detection and prevention services.

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