Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Repairing

Using The Bucket Method To Test Swimming Pool Leak Detection


You have a wonderful swimming pool in your property and are all set to spend the entire summer having a good time in it. Unfortunately, you notice that the pool is losing the water a tad to faster than earlier. One of the first reactions that take you by storm is that the pool has developed a leak leading to water loss.


Pools loss water naturally


Now, if that is true, it means a whole lot of inconveniences including higher water bills and incorrect water treatment with the necessary chemicals. Perhaps you need to call in the experts to determine if there is a leak and is so where. But before you make the call, its good to consider some facts about normal loss of water in swimming pools.


Pools losing water by evaporation is a natural phenomenon. Now evaporation too depends on a number of environmental factors like temperature, wind, air pressure and dew point. Pools that are surrounded by trees and structures are will incur less loss by evaporation compared to those that are under the open sky. Thus, it can be safely said that water evaporation in pools differ depending on the place and the climatic conditions.


Doing the bucket test to confirm a leak


Well, before you panic about the increased water loss from your pool try out the bucket method test that will give you a clear picture of any potential pool leak.


  • Take an empty bucket and fill it with the pool water to an inch lower than its top to ensure that the air movement over the bucket and the pool remains the same.


  • Place it on the second step of the pool and use a heavy prop to prevent it from floating.


  • Mark the water levels in the pool and inside the bucket.


  • Let the pool operate normally for twenty-four hours.


  • Next, compare the drops in the levels of water in the bucket and in the pool.


If there is too much of difference in the water levels, with that of the pool having dropped much more than that of the bucket, naturally there is a leak. It is time for you to get in touch with one of the leading local Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Repairing company in Arkansas that will do the needful.


Trenchless & no digging leak detection


Frontline leak detection companies make use of technologically enabled tools that help avoid the breaking of structures or digging up of surfaces. In the case of swimming pools, the acoustic method of detection is the most effective. Divers go down to the plumbing points to get the maximum vibration to reach the leak point.


The Irrigation System Leak Detection Services are very similar to this method and in both cases,  repairs are carried out with minimal damage to the immediate structures and surroundings.


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