Water Leak Detection Is the Difference Between Success And Failure

Just as much water is indispensable for normal living, having it leaking all over the place is sure to create a lot of problems that ultimately decides the difference between success and failure!

Realizing the need for proper Water Leak Detection, companies have come up with several products that make a fine analysis of the problem. The use of plumbing leak detection equipment is fast becoming common in cities across the world. There are different technologies that are being made use of by companies providing water leak detection services.

Use of Acoustics To Trace Leaks

In the case of underground leak detection, the most popularly used technology is that of acoustics as sound passes through water much better than it does through other media. An advanced gadget comprising of microphones and attached meters are placed on the ground near the probable leak site and the sound measured.

The leaks can be detected in pipes that lie buried underground and pass through soil, asphalt or even concrete surfaces. Loose and sandy soils are not helpful in passing the sound of leaking water very well.

For metal pipes the sound can be heard from a greater distance than for PVC pipes. These advanced devices nevertheless are capable of detecting the sonic frequencies passing through the plastic pipes too and give correct readings of the leak points.

Patented Modular Devices

There are modular devices that are developed and used by water leak detection companies that comprise of components that are interchangeable and configured as per specific requirements.

These tools are also available for large commercial and public water supply lines to detect water leakage in large amounts that ultimately directly affect production. Both invasive as well as non-invasive methods are used for the purpose of leak detection.

The latest range of such leak detection devices come with the robotic systems and make use of the pressure gradients in the pipes. Near the leak, the pressure is likely to be the most and the sensors pass on the readings to the computer indicating the leak.

A Measure to Cost-Cutting And Raising Profit Margins

Since you pay for the supply of water that enters your premises, it is extremely important to have a good Water Leak Detection in place to reduce your monthly expenditure. Your business too is sure to be affected in the negative when you incur loss from increased cost of production per unit and yet not be able to raise prices due to the existing competition.

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