Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Water Leak in Swimming Pool – How to Address the Issue

If you are a swimming pool owner, perhaps you know how expensive, time-consuming and tough it is to fix a swimming pool water leak. If you find a water leak in your swimming pool, get it fixed straight away. Make sure you don’t use your pool while it’s leaking or even drain its water as the situation can worsen. Get professional Water Leak Detection Services in Arkansas to solve the problem.

Most swimming pool leaks are not noticeable until they lead to significant damages. The damage is reflected in your remarkably higher water costs. Moreover, the leak may damage other elements of the pool, a neighbor’s or your own property, and other objects in close proximity.

Addressing Swimming Pool Water Leak

We have listed here the important steps that you need to take to address a leak in your pool:

  1. Find Out If there is Any Actual Leak


The clearest sign of a leak in a pool is a lower level of water. The first and foremost step in testing for leaks in a pool is finding out whether or not there is actually any leak.

Pool owners may think that there is a leak somewhere, while it may simply be evaporation. A number of factors influence this situation, like crosswinds, direct sunlight, climate and water temperature, and your geographical location.

Note that a pool may lose only around 1/8 inch of water every day on account of evaporation. The easiest solution to evaporation is adding water to your swimming pool as a solar blanket cover is not enough.


  1. Check the Pool Piping System

If you find your pool to be losing water more than that lost to evaporation, your next step would be checking the piping system of your pool. Leakage may happen because of a defective impeller or leaking hose.

In case there is a wet floor or other problems regarding the pump, it’s important to carry out immediate repairs to ensure efficient working of the pump system and thereby save expenses on replacement of equipment.


  1. Inspect the Pool to Find Damages

The final step is carrying out a comprehensive inspection of the swimming pool to identify damages. This inspection should be conducted by a swimming pool technician since a technician would have more knowledge and experience in this field than the pool owner.

A leak in a pool may cause visible damages, like broken fittings, cracks in the pool flooring, cracks in pool decks or sinking pool decks and more.

If you find any of these signs, get them fixed promptly. Watch out for excess water on the area or grass around the pool. An underground leak will lead the water into the soil. This would bring changes in the visibility and color of the water.

A leakage issue may not be confined to your property. The problem may reach your neighbor’s yard, resulting in extra costs that you are accountable for.

Leaks in a swimming pool are hard to locate. Delay in fixing a leak will only cause more damage and force you to spend more time and money. If you think that your pool might be leaking, consider availing professional Water Leak Detection Services in Arkansas to get the damages detected fast and accurately.

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