Residential Water Leak Detection

What to Do if Water Leakage Starts Suddenly?

Usually, water consumption increases during the summer and the festival season. An average family of USA typically uses 2500-4000 gallons of water monthly. If you can identify the sudden changes in your water bill without any proper reason, then you can be sure that your toilet or faucets are leaking.

Do you know what to do when the leakage starts?

An average American family can spend nearly $1,000 in a year due to water leakages. On an average the daily amount of water usage in an average American family remains within 88 gallons and this amount can be reduced almost by 20%. When you notice water leakage, then primarily there are few tips you can follow to reduce the amount of wastage:

1. If you are unable to stop the water leakage then it is better to turn off the water supply temporarily

2. Mopping can save you from accidents

3. If the water is flowing towards your rugs and furniture, then use something (clothes) to soak in the water

4. Aluminium foil is useful to wrap your furniture legs to protect them from the wet flooring

5. DO NOT let the curtains hang loose

6. LET the wet fabrics and towels dry outside

7. DO NOT make use of electrical appliances on the wet floor

8. DO NOT stay in a room where the ceiling is affected by the water leakage

9. DO NOT vacuum the water with vacuum cleaner

In case you are unable to pinpoint the water leakage source, then without wasting much time just give a call to the Trenchless Leak Detection team.

Why Contact the Trenchless Leak Detection?

Plumbing issues are not easy to deal with. To solve the issues, one has to be an expert in plumbing. To accurately detect the water intrusion area, you should contact the Trenchless Leak Detection team. Our technicians have years of expertise in plumbing and they make use of the latest equipment.

The experts of Trenchless Leak Detection team can locate the problem area without tearing up your yard, breaking into your wall or digging through the concrete slab. Our team ensures the proper fixing of the plumbing issues. In case of any emergency, contact on (479) 651-6022

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