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Nu Drain Installation

  • Cure In Place Pipe solution
  • Non invasive drain pipe repair
  • No Digging No Mess
  • More cost effective than traditional repair
  • CCTV Inspection

About the product

    • Product can last for decades
    • Eco-friendly and impervious to tree roots and corrosion
    • The patented epoxy lining fills in cracks, weakened joints, even pieces of missing pipe throughout your system
    • Works with all types of pipes: ABS plastic, PVC, copper, clay, cast iron, concrete, and more
    • The coating adheres easily to elbows and joints
    • Works best with pipe diameters of 2” to 12”

About the service

    • Before lining the pipes, we ensure they are cleaned and corrosion free
    • When dry, we add the epoxy liner
    • The epoxy cures in hours.
    • The bladder is removed, leaving a strong, seamless, structural pipe within the host pipe
    • A final leak test & inspection is performed
    • Cleaned pipes will have no leaks, a larger diameter, and the new liner resists corrosion so your drain pipes allow more water to flow throughout the system
    • All drain lining restoration work performed include a full 10 year installation guarantee and a 50 plus years life expectancy.

Who can we help

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